Holy Ordinary

Finding God in the everyday

We Christians often talk of "bringing people to Christ," and we make it sound so simple.  But what about those who don’t want to come to Christ?  They may think that He’s more trouble than He’s worth.  Or they may think they don’t need Him.  Or they may think they have something– or someone–better.

The answer, perhaps, is to bring Christ to them, by making the ordinary tasks and relationships of our lives holy.  By putting each decision we make–in our jobs, our families, our relationships, our recreation–in the hands of God, He enters our lives every day, and in the everyday.  Each of us can become a vessel to bear the presence of God to our fractured and wounded world.  Each task in an ordinary life or an ordinary day can become a chalice to carry the presence of God to someone who needs Him.

In the "Holy Ordinary" ministry, Carol Mead uses rich metaphor to highlight the presence of God in everyday things and events and people. She uses news stories, cultural icons, movies, and other secular tools to tell the story of God in our lives. She seeks to remind us that, placed in the hands of God, the most mundane moments become consecrated; the most ordinary things become holy.

Allow your life to be transformed into a sacrament–"an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace."  Honor God in the "holy ordinary" moments of your life.